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Intergovernmental Grants
The Intergovernmental Grants Department serves as an umbrella agency containing three divisions providing services to the public. They are Community Development; Community Services; and Workforce Development. Some of the programs operated by each group include:

Emergency Home Repair & East St. Louis Emergency Home Repair (825-3215)
Homebuyer Assistance (825-3226)
Housing Rehabilitation Grants & Loans and East St. Louis Grants & Loans (825-3215)
Public Service (825-3226)
Public Facilities (Infrastructure) Improvements (825-3211)
Senior/ADA Home Modification &  East St. Louis Senior/ADA Home Modification (825-3215)
 Housing Resource Center (HRC) (825-3330)
Unit 1 – Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) (825-3263)
Child Care Co-Pay
Hot Water Heater Repair/Replacement
Lice Kits
Limited Automobile Payment/Repair
Limited Dental & Prescription Assistance
Rental & Mortgage Assistance
Unit 2 – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (257-9246)
Utility Bill Assistance
Unit 3 – Weatherization (825-3276)
Basic Education, Work Readiness, Work Experience, Job Skill Trainings
Eligibility determination
Employment Statistics Information
Initial Assessment
Job Search and Placement Assistance
Support Services Information
Training Provider Performance and Training Cost Information
Unemployment Insurance Claims Filing Information